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Layaluna Healing

Personalized Channeled Light Code

Personalized Channeled Light Code

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Receive your own personalized Light Code, specifically channeled for your soul and attuned specially just for you. This personalized activation serves to activate, clear, and heal in alignment with your highest good, addressing specific blocks and activating your divine blueprint, healing you on the deepest and most potent level. You'll receive energetic upgrades crucial for this moment, including DNA activations, heightened consciousness, and the clearing of energy patterns and timelines, healing your mind, body, and spirit.

These sacred symbols and patterns emerge in various shapes, acting as potent activation keys that unlock portals to multidimensional realms. They carry unique frequencies that possess the extraordinary power to transform your physical reality by working deeply within your dormant or stagnant DNA—the intricate molecule that holds the blueprint for your existence

Your personalized Light code will be created with exceptional care and energy. Prior to creating your personalized Light Code, I perform a ritual consisting of cleansing and protection using sage and incense, amplifying the healing energy. With my intuition and channeling abilities, I incorporate crystals into the process, infusing them with the intended energy to enhance the potency of your Light Code. Through Light Language blessings, I invoke healing, DNA activations, and protection, infusing your Light Code with divine energies. Finally, I channel your sacred Light Code through to the artwork, imbuing it with its transformative power.

Feel free to position your specific Light Code in any area of your home that holds personal significance for you. The mere presence of the personalized Light Code will induce an energetic shift within your surroundings.

Your final sacred Light Code will be in a high-resolution PNG digital format. For any other format/specs, additional charges may apply.

By purchasing your own personalized light code, you will receive a sacred guide—a key to unlocking the deeper mysteries of these activations. This guide provides insights and instructions to help you anchor and activate on the deepest level for your system.

At checkout, please provide me with your email address, where I will then be in contact with you. Please feel free to contact me with any special requests or areas of focus!

From my heart to yours


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