Light Code Activation: My Own Collection

Welcome to the doorway of your true potential
I am extremely grateful to share and heal (with utmost uniqueness) Light Codes with you.
You might be wondering, what are Light Codes? Light Codes are a form of light language and usually manifest in various shapes, codes, patterns, and symbols. They serve as activation keys, opening portals, and stargates to access multidimensional information.
Light Codes generate distinct frequencies that have the power to transform your physical reality. They work on your dormant or stagnant DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid), a complex molecule containing all the necessary information for building and maintaining an organism.
I began channeling Light Codes onto paper, and now I feel a strong calling to share and heal. You can place these paintings anywhere in your home that holds special significance for you. Your intuition will guide you to the perfect spot. The mere presence of these paintings will bring about an energetic shift in your surroundings. If you desire, you can also delve deeper into the Light Codes through meditation.
Each painting I share comes with exceptional care and energy, originating from the depths of my heart and Highest Self. 
Prior to every painting, I perform a ritual consisting of the following: 
🔅 Cleansing and protection with sage and incense, setting intentions. 
🔆 Infusing the crystals with intention. 
🔅 Bestowing light language blessings for healing, DNA activations, and protection. 
🔆 Channeling Light Codes through the paintings.
With every purchase, you will receive a sacred guide, a key to unlocking the deeper mysteries of these activations.
"Light codes carry their own living language that informs us of the nature and purpose of our higher self, and that of the Cosmos. Held in the ancient universal language of sacred geometry, colors, sounds, tones, and frequencies, light codes carry the signature and memory imprints of our soul’s journeys. They are the seeds of our divine genetic potential and contain the Blueprint of all Creation." Vince Gowmon
May these paintings heal, activate, open, and unlock your true potential
And so it is
Ara ka to ô yeta cetikaya

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