Patience: The Reflection of the Wolf

Patience: The Reflection of the Wolf

As humans, we tend to desire everything fast and immediate. Everything must happen now. However, if you delve into other realms, you will discover that time is not as we perceive it. Time behaves differently in higher dimensions, and even animals here on Earth understand the importance of patience and when it is the right time to take action.

One animal that truly exemplifies patience is the wolf. This is one of their key traits. The Alpha wolf typically teaches the pack how to remain calm and patient in all situations, even during the most challenging circumstances. Through this, the pack learns how to hunt strategically and together as a pack. Everyone within the community, pack has a purpose and plays a role.  To help each other together and help to achieve your goal. 

They take the time to observe and assess, staying focused and testing to determine what works. If a strategy fails, they adapt and change their plan, always seeking the best solution until they complete their mission or task. Even if they are starving, they hold their heads high, knowing they will ultimately succeed. They trust that the right time will come and remain persistent no matter what. Thus develop unwavering wisdom and sharp skills, becoming warriors who stand strong and rise above tough times. Everything they do serves a purpose and aligns with a goal they understand well.

Learning from the Wolf

Let us observe, study, and learn from the Wolf, as they study us. To be their pure reflection, for they reflect Patience. Not to do any harm or protect territory, but rather to be curious and become wise. Take time to assess and try every option.  If one plan fails, keep your head high, stand as a Warrior, stay strong, observe, reflect, and go to the next option without getting frustrated, angry or upset, and remain persistent. Knowing the perfect time will come.  By allowing yourself to trust this aspect, you will withstand every challenging circumstance. This will ignite a ripple effect of calmness and learning the trait of focus, thus completing your mission.

The Value of Waiting

The reason why the waiting period is necessary: During this waiting period, the skills that you will develop are extremely important because they will make you more aware of every circumstance, action, or reason. It will give you the wisdom for your next task.

Importance of Community, Family, and Friends

Connect with people, family, and friends. There is a reason why wolves work together as a pack, as a family. They know that by connecting and being there for each other, they will all succeed, making the path smoother, and being there for each other in times of need. Through this support, the strategic plan will come into play. By working as a pack, your goal will be completed, and your mission fulfilled

Human and Wolf Reflection

Each of us has a Wolf inside of us. We have that in us. Don't you think it's time for you to bring the Inner Wolf out and show yourself what you are made of? Test the limits, test the boundaries, for you will know what will work or resonate and what will not. Adapt through every situation, keeping your goal and your purpose in your heart and mind. Never stop. Keep at it, and you will succeed. Do everything that you can possibly do

Do you now come to see the importance of being patient and the importance of learning from the wolf? 

The next time you see your reflection, let it be that of a wolf.

Wolf Girl

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