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Layaluna Healing

Light Language Channeling & Quantum Reiki Healing 60min

Light Language Channeling & Quantum Reiki Healing 60min

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Welcome to the realm of Light Language Channeling and Quantum Reiki healing, which combines these unique, powerful, and potent healing modalities. Through my connection with my highest self, I channel pure love and light energy frequencies from the multi-dimensions. These encoded energies flow through me as hand gestures and mudras, combined with the mesmerizing language of light. As a cosmic channel, I work in collaboration with higher-dimensional beings, such as spirit guides, ascended masters, angels, or Benevolent Beings. I offer a unique perspective and connection to the higher realms, helping you tap into your own cosmic nature and align with your true purpose, expanding your consciousness, raising your vibration, and experiencing a deeper connection with the divine and the expansive energies of the cosmos.

Together with the cosmic Light Language Transmissions, I utilize the principles of quantum physics to access the highest levels of universal energy. I identify energetic imbalances within your chakras and help clear out any blocks, negative or stagnant energy healing you on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. I provide a single channel that incorporates the essence of all Reiki energies, making it the most potent and powerful form of Reiki healing available. Each energy healing session is tailored to your specific needs.

Throughout our journey together, I offer my intuitive spiritual guidance to support and guide you on your path.

At checkout, please provide me with your email address, where I will then be in contact with you. Just keep a photo of yourself nearby; I only require your photo to initiate the healing process. Please feel free to contact me with any special requests or areas of focus! You are also more than welcome to book a session with me via Google Meet or an in-person session.

Together, we will unlock your true potential, healing past wounds, and harmonize with the true calling of your soul. Allow me to assist you on this path of awakening, healing, and spiritual expansion.
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