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Layaluna Healing

From the Earth to the Sky Light Code Activation - Deep Grounding to Elevating into 5D Consciousness

From the Earth to the Sky Light Code Activation - Deep Grounding to Elevating into 5D Consciousness

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This is a powerful experience channeled to ground you deeply into the nurturing frequencies of Mother Earth and elevate you swiftly into the expansive realms of 5D Consciousness, reaching up to the vast Universe. This activation is your pathway to profound calmness, embracing strength, centeredness, and peace. By being connected deeply with Mother Earth's frequency, you will be able to integrate, anchor, and access all divinely guided information much more clearly while feeling eternally safe.

From the Earth's depths to the vastness of Solaris, resonating with your heart's song and bringing forth truth, the Maya of our time unfolds in this activation, propelling you into the realms of 5D consciousness, connecting every atom, every cell, every energy center.

Our Light Code Art, whether a captivating addition to your home decor or a thoughtful gift, stands as a perfect choice. Position your personalized artwork where your intuition guides you, and witness an energetic shift in your surroundings. Delve deeper into the Light Codes through meditation if you wish.

Experience the therapeutic benefits of our Light Code Art, guiding you on a meditative journey as your mind and body align with the enchanting frequencies it emits, elevating your meditation practice and infusing positive vibrations into your space.

Each artwork is created through a ritual, including cleansing and protection with sage and incense, crystal infusion, light language blessings for healing and DNA activations, and channeling Light Codes.

With every purchase, you receive a sacred guide—a key to unlocking the deeper mysteries of these activations. 

May you have fun with this Light Code Activation, integrating unity and interconnectedness into the fabric of your existence.

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