Light Language Activations: My Specialized Wolf Den

With a primal howl, I welcome you to my Den of Light Language Activation. I am deeply honored and blessed to have you here, a sacred gathering of wolves, seekers, and kindred spirits, and to have you as a cherished member of my pack—the very pack that will guide us on the path to Ascension.
So, let us plunge boldly into the untamed wilderness.
Some of you may know me as the Wolfgirl, and there is an extraordinary reason for it. I have always been deeply connected with the Wolf. From the beginning of my true Pleiadian origin to all my lifetimes up until now, my spirit guide Nikita, a massive and majestic white wolf with blue eyes, has been by my side, guiding me every step of the way. Even in this lifetime, I have crossed paths with numerous wolves in human form. It is a privilege and honor that fills me with deep respect for each and every one of you.
Currently, I work at a Wolf Sanctuary, where we provide a safe haven for Wolves, Wolfdogs, and Huskies in need of rescue and care. It is an incredible gift to have the opportunity to work with these magnificent creatures on a daily basis. They teach me invaluable lessons and ignite my spirit each and every day. My spirit guide Sofia, a massive blush pink Eastern Dragon assist me on this path.  I am acutely aware of the profound significance of my journey with them, and an integral part of that journey is my role as the leader of a fallen warrior Wolf pack. This means that whenever one of our wolves, wolfdogs, or huskies passes away, my fallen wolf pack and I assist them in crossing over to the other side, and guide them across the veil, offering solace and safe passage to the other side.
Each and every one of them has guided me to this remarkable sacred creation.
Nestled within each Light Language Activation resides a primal and potent transmission, meticulously chosen and intuitively guided to awaken the distinct wolf essence within you. With every purchase, you will receive a sacred guide, a key to unlocking the deeper mysteries of these activations. Simply click on the activation that resonates with the depths of your spirit, and unleash the untamed freedom that awaits you.
I extend my heartfelt gratitude for your presence on this extraordinary journey.
Together, let our collective howl echo through the realms, uniting us as a powerful pack. With unwavering unity, we shall forge a path towards ascension, embracing the wild spirit within, unleashing the boundless power of the wolf, and embracing the wolf soul that beats within our hearts.

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