Collection: Light Code Logo Design


Are you looking for a business logo that will amplify and activate the highest vibration and energy for your specific needs? Do you want a unique logo that will stand out and be specifically designed for you and your business? Imagine having your business logo everywhere, enchanted with the highest vibrational frequency, activating physical, mental, spiritual, and holistic energy.

This Personalized Light Code Logo can serve as a powerful reset button, helping your business thrive with a revitalized sense of energy and activation across various dimensions.

What is a Light Code?

Light codes are powerful tools for amplifying your intention, transformation, healing, and spiritual growth. They generate distinct frequencies that can transform your physical, mental, and spiritual reality. Carriers of divine information and energy, light codes are designed to help individuals raise their vibration and align with their highest potential. They can guide you on self-discovery, empowerment, and spiritual awakening.

How is the Logo Created?

Our light work practitioner channels your unique light code by connecting with higher consciousness and divine guidance. This process will create, activate, align, and enhance your personalized Light Code Logo to the infinite possibilities that await.

What You'll Receive:

  • Your Unique Light Code: Imbued with divine information and energy, delivered on a transparent background in gold, white, or black PNG format at 300 dpi, ready for print.
  • A Video of the Transmission Ritual: Documenting the creation process.
  • A Letter of Gratitude: For your support and trust in our work.

When you check out, kindly provide your email address, and we will contact you. For any questions or inquiries, feel free to reach out to

We look forward to channeling your light code