Unleashing the Wolf Pack of Ascension A Journey of Freedom and Empowerment

Unleashing the Wolf Pack of Ascension A Journey of Freedom and Empowerment

Dear beloved friends and kindred spirits,

Today, I stand before you with a heart brimming with excitement and gratitude, as I share a journey that holds a deeply personal meaning—the untamed essence of the Wolf Pack of Ascension.

In the presence of this sacred gathering, I stand up and speak for all the Wolves across the Universe—for the ones who came before, those who walk with us now, and the ones who will forever roam. I speak for the fallen ones, the lost ones, and the ones who have no voice.

Some of you may know me as the Wolf girl, and there is an extraordinary reason for it. I have always been deeply connected with the Wolf. From the beginning of my true Pleiadian origin to all my lifetimes up until now, my spirit guide, Nikita, a massive and majestic white wolf with blue eyes, has been by my side, guiding me every step of the way. In addition, several other formidable Wolf Spirit Guides have also emerged to walk alongside me on this profound journey.—you may see them in some of my activations. Even in this lifetime, I have crossed paths with numerous wolves in human form. It is a privilege and an honor that fills me with deep respect for each and every one of you.

Presently, I find myself blessed to work at a Wolf Sanctuary—a sacred space where we offer solace and care to Wolves, Wolfdogs, and Huskies in need. This sanctuary is more than just a place; it is a haven that ignites my spirit and imparts invaluable lessons each day. I stand as their unwavering voice and their fierce protector, honoring the untamed spirit that binds us in unity.. Part of this journey amplifies as I lead a fallen warrior Wolf pack When one of our beloved wolves passes away, my fallen pack and I ensure they find a safe passage to the beyond, offering them solace and love as they embark on their new adventure.

Throughout history, wolves have been revered and honored by diverse cultures across the globe. Native Americans saw them as spiritual guides, symbols of strength and loyalty. Shamans recognized their instinct and intuition, believing wolves could bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds. Norse mythology portrayed wolves as untamed forces of chaos, while Greeks associated them with the divine, embodying both light and darkness. Celtic lore tied wolves to the cycle of life and death, their wild nature representing the balance of existence.

Wolves are sacred creatures, symbols of loyalty, intelligence, and community. They guide us in unity, family, and leadership, and their connection to deities and spirits carries profound lessons about life and the cosmos.

In the hustle of human life, we often forget to embrace the wisdom of the wolf. But if we pause and step into their world, we can learn so much from these majestic beings, finding the freedom to transform into our true selves.

In my quest to honor the wolves and embrace their unique wisdom, I have created My Specialized Wolf Den Light Language Activations—a distinctive and specialized tool designed to awaken the distinct wolf essence within you. Nestled within each Light Language Activation resides a primal and potent transmission, meticulously chosen and intuitively guided to awaken the distinct wolf essence within you.

You can explore all these offerings under my Energy Healing Offerings section on my website

I am thrilled to introduce you to a few of these remarkable activations:

  1. Lonewolf Light Language Activation: Designed for those embodying the essence of a lone wolf on their journey. It recognizes and empowers their sense of independence, self-reliance, and individuality. The activation strengthens their belief in their capabilities, fostering trust and confidence to face challenges with determination. It encourages them to embrace and channel their inner hunger for personal growth and achievement. While celebrating their individuality, it reminds them of the interconnectedness with others and the support available within the collective energy of humanity. Embracing the essence of the lone wolf, they will grow stronger, cultivate self-reliance, and fearlessly pursue their goals while acknowledging the interconnected nature of all beings.
  2. Werewolf Light Language Activation: Brace yourself for a cosmic dance orchestrated flawlessly by the universe itself under the watchful eye of the full moon. This activation taps into the ancient wisdom of a Japanese Samurai/Warrior Werewolf to ignite your superhuman strength and unleash your untamed potential. Get ready to shift shapes and explore unseen dimensions that will elevate your existence to new heights.
  3. Alpha Wolf Light Language Activation: Infused with the essence of Alpha Wolf energy, designed to awaken the leader within you. It aligns you with your commanding presence and innate leadership abilities, empowering you to embrace your role as a leader with confidence, purpose, and resilience. Through this activation, you will tap into your unique leadership style and discover the transformative power of the Alpha Wolf archetype, unleashing your leadership potential and embodying strength, determination, and compassion.
  4. Wolf Masculine and Feminine Light Language Activation: Bringing perfect balance within. It reminds us that feminine and masculine energies exist within everyone, playing a vital role in shaping our consciousness and connecting us to the universe. The activation guides us towards the Sacred Union, merging our inner feminine and masculine energies to unlock our highest potential and spiritual power. By embracing the qualities of the wolf, we find stability, strength, and authenticity within ourselves, leading to clarity, emotional stability, purposeful action, and self-support on our journey of self-discovery and growth.
  5. Wolf Goddess Light Language Activation: Empowers individuals to awaken their inner she-wolf. It taps into the profound wisdom and strength of the Wolf Goddess archetype, representing power, independence, and fierce determination combined with love, nurture, and devotion. Encoded with frequencies resonating with the essence of the Wolf Goddess, the light language activation unlocks true potential, dissolves societal conditioning, and reconnects with primal wisdom. Embracing this sacred opportunity, participants roar with confidence, embodying the nurturing and fierce aspects of the Wolf Goddess, finding balance and empowerment. The activation liberates the untamed essence within, allowing individuals to embrace their true nature and step into their divine feminine power with confidence, grace, and unyielding strength.
  6. Running with the Wolves Light Language Activation: A powerful and transformative experience that connects individuals with the profound symbolism of wolves and their innate desire for freedom. It serves as a gateway for individuals to tap into their own yearning for liberation and embrace their wild and untamed essence. This activation encourages shedding societal conditioning and self-imposed restrictions to embrace authenticity and break free from conformity. By immersing in this activation, individuals activate inner strength, resilience, and courage, empowering them to overcome obstacles and pursue their dreams with unwavering determination. It invites a deep connection with the natural world and its untamed beauty, guiding individuals on a transformative journey of self-discovery and liberation.
  7. Wolf Pack Light Language Activation: This is a transformative experience tailored for Alpha leaders, caregivers, and pack members. It empowers them with energetic support to protect, guide, and inspire the pack. The activation fosters nurturing qualities, creating a loving and unified environment. With enhanced protection, instincts, and intuition, participants become a stronger, more resilient, and harmonious pack, capable of overcoming any challenges that arise.
  8. Wolf Senses Light Language Activation: Delve into the sensory capabilities of wolves and their connection to our own intuitive senses. Through this activation, you can develop clairaudience (clear hearing), clairalience (clear smelling), clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairgustance (clear tasting), and clairsentience (clear feeling). These intuitive gifts can enhance creativity, spiritual perception, and healing abilities. Additionally, the activation helps you trust and tap into your Wolf instincts, empowering confident decision-making and navigating challenges with clarity and purpose. Prepare to unlock the depths of your sensory perception and intuitive potential with the wisdom of the wolf.

This is just the beginning of our remarkable journey. We will delve deeper into the wisdom of the wolf, explore new activations, and embrace the transformative power within each of us.

In the spirit of the wolf, we will continue to connect, howl, and support one another on this sacred path of ascension. Together, we will unveil the hidden mysteries of the universe, tap into ancient knowledge, and awaken our true potential.

Stay tuned for future blog posts and activations as we uncover even more profound insights, tools, and experiences to empower and uplift us. As the Wolf girl, I am committed to guiding and nurturing our pack on this journey of growth and enlightenment. 

I extend my heartfelt gratitude for your presence on this extraordinary journey.

Together, let our collective howl echo through the realms, uniting us as a powerful pack. With unwavering unity, we shall forge a path towards ascension, embracing the wild spirit within, unleashing the boundless power of the wolf, and embracing the wolf soul that beats within our hearts.

With love and primal howls,

The Wolf girl

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