Shapeshifting back to our True Being: Aligning harmoniously with our true purpose on Earth

Shapeshifting back to our True Being: Aligning harmoniously with our true purpose on Earth

When we step into the realm of this world, we immediately begin to be conditioned in whatever form it may take. Good or bad, we perceive things based on our own experiences, yet we allow ourselves to be influenced by societal norms, media, and people. These days, there is so much trying to consume us, attempting to keep us blindfolded and numb—from TV, ads, media, and people.

Without even realizing it, we often conform to others' expectations. We are being programmed to adopt others' perceptions and beliefs.

Just ask yourself these questions: What’s the point of being like everyone else? Is it for comfort? Are you too scared to embrace the risks of the unknown? Are you walking blindly through life? Just take a few seconds to think about it; you might be controlled in one way or another.

As human beings, don’t you believe there must be something more to this life than just being someone else? We are here to experience the human being experience—to experiment, observe, and learn. To step into our WHOLE unique beingness, which gives us our purpose for being on Earth.

We are always seeking, but essentially, all we need is to seek ourselves. Instead of following other people's norms, perceptions, and ideas, why don’t you try making yourself the experiment of this lifetime?

Go on a journey of self-discovery. Find out what YOU truly enjoy doing. What makes you laugh, fills your soul with joy, and leaves you in awe and amazement? What gives you the thrill of feeling alive, thriving, and simply happy? This is how you need to approach everything in your life—from the food you eat to the activities or jobs you engage in.

If you don’t experiment, how can you know what you like or dislike, what resonates with you or not? What works for one person may not work for you, and that's perfectly fine.

Each of us has unique gifts and abilities shaped by our experiences and skills. We craft our authenticity into a masterpiece through trial and error.

Interestingly, it's one of the paradoxes of life: by being your authentic (pure) self, your OWN true self, each of us collectively unites as a whole. In doing so, we successfully fulfill our purpose and our mission on Earth. Don’t you think we are worthy of experiencing our own gifts—to feel alive?

Living authentically and aligning with your soul's purpose involves a deeper exploration and a deliberate alignment of your actions with your inner truth.

How can you do it, you may ask? Here are some key examples:

  • Self-Exploration: This involves engaging in various activities that facilitate a deeper understanding of yourself. Journaling allows for introspection, aiding in the exploration of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Introspection involves self-reflection, a deliberate analysis of your emotions, motives, and beliefs. 
  • Identify Core Values: Recognizing your core values requires introspection and reflection on what truly matters to you. These values embody the principles that guide your decisions and actions. They often encompass concepts like honesty, integrity, compassion, or ambition. Determining these values involves considering which principles deeply resonate with your identity and provide a moral framework for your life.
  • Unveiling Passions: Reflecting on your passions involves exploring activities or causes that ignite a sense of fulfillment and purpose within you. It's about identifying what activities bring you joy, satisfaction, and a sense of inner fulfillment. This exploration can be a process of trial and error, involving experimenting with different hobbies, and interests, or volunteering in various causes until you find what deeply resonates with your authentic self.

Authentic Expression

  • Honest Communication: Expressing yourself truthfully requires genuine openness and sincerity in your interactions. It involves speaking from a place of authenticity, expressing your thoughts, feelings, and perspectives without pretense or masks. Authentic communication fosters genuine connections, as it builds trust and creates deeper, more meaningful relationships.
  • Embrace Vulnerability: Embracing vulnerability means being open and honest about your feelings and experiences, even in uncomfortable or challenging situations. It involves acknowledging your fears or insecurities without letting them hinder your authenticity. Stepping out of your comfort zone allows you to grow and connect more authentically with yourself and others.
  • Consistent Integrity: Aligning your words and actions ensures congruence between your beliefs, values, and behavior. It means staying true to yourself and maintaining honesty and reliability in your actions, decisions, and relationships. Consistency in integrity builds trust within yourself and with others, reinforcing your authenticity.

Nurturing Authenticity

  • Mindfulness Practices: Engaging in mindfulness practices, such as meditation or mindfulness exercises, anchors you in the present moment. They facilitate a deeper connection with your inner self, helping you tap into your inner wisdom, and enhancing self-awareness.
  • Cultivating Self-Compassion: Embracing self-compassion involves being kind and understanding toward yourself, especially during difficult times or when facing personal shortcomings. It entails acknowledging your imperfections without self-criticism and treating yourself with the same kindness and empathy you would offer to a friend in a similar situation.
  • Gratitude and Appreciation: Cultivating gratitude involves acknowledging and appreciating the experiences, both positive and challenging, that contribute to shaping your life journey. Being grateful fosters a deeper understanding and acceptance of your authentic self by recognizing the lessons and growth opportunities in every experience.

Aligning with Purpose

  • Listen and trust your Intuition: This means acknowledging and valuing your inner guidance system. Intuition often manifests as subtle feelings, gut instincts, or inner nudges that guide you in decision-making or life directions. It's that sense of knowing without necessarily having tangible evidence or logical reasoning. When you pay attention to these internal signals, you're tuning into a deeper wisdom that transcends rational thought. Your intuition acts as a compass, pointing you toward choices and paths that resonate with your deeper purpose and values. It's a valuable tool for navigating life's complexities and aligning your actions with what truly resonates with your authentic self.
  • Follow Your Passion: Pursuing activities aligned with your passions involves engaging in what truly excites and energizes you. When you immerse yourself in activities that ignite your enthusiasm and bring you joy, you naturally align with your authentic self. Passion-driven endeavors allow you to tap into your innate talents, skills, and interests. They fuel a sense of purpose and fulfillment, enhancing your overall well-being and quality of life. This alignment leads to a natural expression of authenticity because you're engaged in activities that genuinely resonate with your core being. As a result, you radiate an authentic energy that attracts opportunities and connections aligned with your passions.

Embracing Growth and Evolution

As human beings, we possess the remarkable ability to adapt. Thus, it’s easy to find ourselves adjusting our behavior based on our environment. One crucial question we should always ask ourselves: Does it align with our own sense of self? Or are we being controlled by external influences?

If we are so adaptable to our environment, why are we so afraid of the unknown? We are made to adapt. Our mother Earth shapes and shifts all the time. We are made to live and breathe on our planet Earth, so we need to shape and shift as well.

  • Accepting Change: Embracing the idea that authenticity evolves over time requires openness to change and adaptation. It involves allowing yourself to grow, evolve, and adapt as you uncover deeper layers of your authentic self throughout various life stages and experiences.
  • Learning from Challenges: Embracing challenges as opportunities for growth and self-discovery involves a mindset shift. Challenges offer valuable lessons and insights into your strengths, weaknesses, and resilience, leading to personal growth and a deeper understanding of your authentic self.

This journey is a path of continual exploration, evolution, and living in harmony with your deepest values and aspirations.

We are the shapeshifters for planet Earth. To unlearn everything we once knew. To shape our reality into who we truly are. To shift our perceptions from old belief patterns and systems to something completely new. To awaken to the infinite possibilities this lifetime has to offer us—ultimately finding fulfillment by stepping back into our own power, gifts, and abilities, in harmony with our true purpose on Earth.

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